Modern World Dbq Essay

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History has seen many changes throughout its history. Two of these were the Industrial Revolution and New Imperialism, which both heavily impacted the modern world. The changes brought about the modern world some positive than negative situations. During the imperial there were situation that help build the modern world and things that didn’t quit work such ads working on their feet for hours and not taking a break, worker her beaten, however there were positive such as growth in cities and created faster transportation, and created resourceful invention car and or plan. There were positive and negative effect on the new modern world which help create the new government and society. There are causes that effect the industrial revolution and …show more content…

Many kids and adults had to work all day on their feet and never really got time to relax and go home. they had to work for hours in machines which could make people sick because there were pollutions and other chemical that gave people health problems and they may sometimes have died because maybe they couldn’t afford to go to the doctors because, workers in the factories didn’t really get pay that much because of how they work for long times . according to Document 2 it explains “ the hour labor was from 6 to t night; it was very difficult work “as a result, even though many people work they couldn’t afford to buy much food for their family and barely saw their kids and have a time to enjoy each other. Also there were many people adult that could no longer work and manger would offer little kids to work at a very younger age and didn’t have to go to school. Many girls who work had to tie their hair back because it would be catch on the machines. Many kids suffer, and didn’t have food and were very tired all day. According to Document 2 it explains that “people work at age 8 and kids would be severely beaten if caught sleeping or not doing the job right “as a result, kids had the hardest life then because they work for someone no matter what and never ever saw there

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