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Determination of the molar mass of magnesium

To determine the molar mass of magnesium with the ideal gas equations and Dalton’s law about partial pressures.

Materials and chemicals gas measuring tube 50.0cm3 graduated cylinder 1000.0 cm graduated cylinder 10.0cm3 cork with a hole copper wire thermometer barometer magnesium ribbon
HCL 35% (concentrated)

Background theory
Dalton’s Law of Partial states that the total pressure of a gas is equal to the sum of pressure of each individual gas at a specific temperature. The combination of all the partial pressures of the gases that make up the atmosphere gives the total pressure of the atmosphere. The average pressure of the atmosphere is 101 kilopascal(KPa). Most of the pressure of
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This weight was recorded to four significant figures. After this, piece of magnesium was wrapped around the tip of copper wire. Following this, the buret was filled with about 10.0 mL of concentrated HCL and water was added until the buret was full. The copper wire with the magnesium was then putted into the buret and held in place with the rubber-stopper to make sure the copper wire wouldn't fall to the bottom. Distilled water was pure into the rubber-stopper to make sure the buret was completely filled and to make sure there wouldn't be any bubble. Then the buret was quickly inverted and pressed into a beaker with full of water. Finally after the water cooled down, the water level of the buret was measured inside beaker. This process was repeated for two more…show more content…
This experiment was to weigh the magnesium then wrap it with copper and to put it in a beaker with full of water in order to get the hydrogen gas. In the first trial the reaction happened real quick, this could be due to over using magnesium and it could have been improved by using less magnesium. But the rest two trials, they were pretty much ok. The figure shows that, ratio between H2 and Mg is 1:1 which means that there are equal molecules in both of them. Since the answer has to be four significant figure, the average molar mass of magnesium is 23.85
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