Monarchy In Eusebius Pamphilus 'Praise Of The Emperor Constantine'

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Many people debate over which form of government is best. In his In Praise of the Emperor Constantine, Eusebius Pamphilus argues that monarchy is the superior. Monarchy reflects God’s created order. There is one God, not two or three, and thus there ought to be one ruler (WH: 357, 27). Eusebius argues that because God is divine and perfect and holly, and because He (God) created humans in His own image, humans ought to emulate God and His order (WH: 358, 11). Consequently, monarchy and its one ruler system trumps all other government systems, simply due to the fact that monarchy reflects God’s natural structure. Eusebius applauded Constantine and his monarchy because, “he [Constantine] directs his gaze above, and frames his earthly government
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