Monkey Paw Foreshadowing

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In the beginning of the story "The Monkey's Paw" readers are introduced to the monkey paw with two different viewpoints one from Sergeant-Major Morris ,someone who knows what it can do.Then there is another one from Mr.White someone, who does not know anything about it yet. These different points of view are used to create suspense.With 2 completely different viewpoints we can predict and use the experienced viewpoint, Sergeant-Major Morris to enhance our prediction which gives us a sense of foreshadowing.
Sergeant-Major Morris talks about the monkey's paw, then throws it into the fire while Mr.White rushes to get it out.The sergeant says "Better let it burn," said the soldier, solemnly."(Paragraph 40) This shows us that the Sergeant believes that it should be destroyed before it can do more harm. The solemnly shows us he used it and was met with sorrow results. Additionally after Mr.white takes it out of the fire and says he wants to keep it. The Sergeant says …show more content…

Moreover when Mr.White is told that he should put it back on the fire, he says "If you don't want it, Morris," said the other, "give it to me."(Paragraph 41) This tells us that Mr.White wants the monkey’s paw so that he could use it to wish on. This further strengthens the fact that Mr.White thinks that it could be a miracle item.Therefore after reading through and analyzing these views we see that the sergeant tries to warn Mr.White about the evil of the monkey's paw though Mr.White ignores

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