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The legal system can be disastrous and confusing at times, especially regarding minors. The book Monster by Walter Dean Myers discusses and tells the story of such topics. In the book, our main character Steve Harmon is on trial and being charged with felony murder. We’re led through the trial in a movie script writing which Steve writes this way because he has a passion for film. We can also see journal entries from his perspective where he talks about what it’s like to be in jail and his emotions about the situation. The court has both Steve and James King on trial and we the reader have to question ourselves based on evidence and hearings as to what the verdict should be for Steve Harmon. Steve Harmon should be found not guilty of felony murder. Throughout the book, Steve Harmon presents the reader with his personality and his moral values as a person, as seen through his actions and talking to …show more content…

In Lorelle Henry’s testimony she is asked, “PETROCELLI: Mrs. Henry, do you recognize anyone present today in this courtroom who was also in the drugstore on the day to which you are referring?” “HENRY: The gentleman sitting at that table was one of the men arguing. (She points to KING)” (Myers 164). This quote is very revealing because Lorelle Henry, who was supposedly in the drugstore at the beginning moments and before the robbery, says that she only recognizes one of the men at the stand which is James King. According to Bobo and what we’ve seen from Steve’s flashbacks he was supposed to be the lookout. This would mean that Lorelle Henry would’ve seen Steve in the store, and Steve seeing her. There was no mention of Steve throughout her entire testimony which leads to the possible conclusion that Steve was never there on that day, leading to him being not

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