Monster By Walter Dean Myers Summary

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Monster by Walter Dean Myers was published in 1999. This occurs in Manhattan and Harlem, New York City. The story is told in third-person and first-person point of view as told by Sandra Petrocelli, Steven Harmon, Jose Delgado Osvaldo Cruz, James King, Kathy O’Brien, Sal Zinzi, Asa Briggs, Richard Evans, and The Judge.
There are six important characters. They are Steven Harmon, who is a sixteen-year-old young man who has been arrested for being a look-out in a robbery that turns out to be a murder. Sandra Petrocelli, is an Assistant District Attorney that prosecuted Steven Harmon and James King and called them Monsters. Kathy O’Brien, is Steven’s attorney and she tries to make sure that he receives a not guilty verdict. James King is Steven’s older friend that asked Steven to be in his crew to rob a drugstore. Richard “Bobo” Evans was accused of being in the store during the robbery and he wanted a lighter sentence so he testified against Steven and James King. Osvaldo Cruz, is another gang member that was a part of the robbery. His job was to trip up any person that tried to catch them during the robbery and he also was the person that had to accept people into the gang.
The story begins in Manhattan and Harlem, New York City. The story is mostly in a city lockup, or sometimes in the neighborhood where Steve Harmon lives. The conflict of the …show more content…

I think that the author is subjective because of the way Steven was viewed when he was in court. When Steven was in court, I thought that he really shouldn’t have been there. I think that because he really didn’t do anything and he was accused of something he didn’t do. I thought this because he was with the gang but, he didn’t commit the murder. He was accused of it because he was with them at the wrong time in the wrong place and the witness Mrs. Henry saw his face and not the others. So I really could relate to this story and I see why they put Steven in

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