Montana 1948 By Larry Watson

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Ahmed Almutairi Professor : Erika Date : April 28, 2017 ENG 101

Awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, Montana 1948 , a 1993 novella written by Larry Watson, focuses on the life of young Montanan David Hayden, his family, and the fictional town of Bentrock, Montana. In this piece of writing, the theme of family will be discussed to bring into the limelight the real picture of the Montana family.
The novella centers on the struggles of a family torn between loyalty and justice. This is all about the tensions and differences between the practice and enforcement of law and the more abstract notion of justice. Larry through this novella makes us to realize that the law does not or cannot always provide justice. Montana repeatedly bring to the light how the practice and enforcement of law is susceptible to public opinion and abuses of power. …show more content…

Frank Hayden especially when they said they would ask the doctor to come. Maria got really nervous because she had bad experience with him, since he was using his medical status to prey on local natives. When Marie refuses medical treatment from Frank, David's mother, Gail, discovers the total rejection of Frank by Marie. This was due to the fact that his dubious character became evident in every corner of Montana. Indeed, the women rejected any attempt to misuse and abuse them any way no matter the predator’s status in the society. Gail being in agreement with Marie shows the support a family member can get from another family member. Gail is indeed a symbol of familial loyalty and

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