Argumentative Essay On Prop 21

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California Proposition 21- Victim Rights and Justice Trumps Criminals’ Author Name Student Number Abstract 15 years ago, California passed a law lowering the bars to prosecute serious juvenile offenders as adults. It increased the circumstances where juveniles would be charged as adults, as well as designated more offenses as serious, violent and dangerous. Since that day, debates and protests against Proposition 21 never stopped. This paper introduces Proposition 21 as well as analyzing different arguments for and against it, and finally drawing to the conclusion that justice for victims is more crucial than mercy for criminals. Introduction California Proposition 21, also known as Prop 21, was passed on the March 7, 2000 ballot with a …show more content…

They say law enforcement must have more power to prosecute and convict juvenile offenders for serious crimes and to deal with gang members. Con: Opponents say Department of Justice statistics show that serious juvenile crime has steadily declined in recent years and California already has tough laws against gangs and youth crime. They argue that the measure carries a high price tag; more jails and prisons will need to be built, taking money away from other government services and current efforts to prevent violence. Case Examples One of the most discussed cases was that of Alonza Thomas, Opponents of Prop 21 are furious with his case; they state that, not only did Alonza hurt no one, he also suffered permanent harm from the prison. They believe that he would have been better off without Prop 21, and he would have turned into a much better person. “He was punished, he was taken off the streets at- during the time period when he was most likely to commit another crime.” Ed Jagels commented. “You can’t afford to spend an inordinate amount of time feeling sorry for people, no matter how young, who are willing to commit

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