Juveniles Tried As Adults

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We have seen today in society of how crime rates have been rampant and how statistics show that most of the crimes were being made by minors. I believe that when most of them look at the bottom of these young offenders come disproportionately from impoverished single-parent homes that are located in the neighbourhoods desinvertido and have high rates of learning disabilities, mental health, and substance abuse and problems with the help of the system of juvenile justice that can make a great return on a successful transition to adulthood. Their ages ranged from 20 and under, most are under fifteen years of age. Juveniles tried as adults must assume the same consequences as any other criminal and are subject to state prisons with inmates much higher and that have probably committed crimes much more tortuous then you could ever have. These minors between the ages of nine to twenty according to the offence committed or of the number of times that are prosecuted and believe that it is immutable. They are exposed to the harsh …show more content…

Tommy G Thompson in his article "Law of minors must come to 90," argues; "Children who steal and murder must be punished according to the gravity of their offences, not to the" sensitivity "of his age. Young people running with gangs, terrorizing neighborhoods, are as frightening as adults; more than that, in fact, because are damaged so early "." He also claims; "Gangs are able to use these young people to commit crimes, knowing that the punishment will not be so serious." According to Thompson, the majority of juvenile offenders are "in charge of" gang members and criminal master mind but instead of punishing these youths with the prosecution of adults and sentencing why not capture the real culprits behind it all and clean our streets of drug dealers and gang

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