Morality In The Underground Man

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Notes from Underground are the tormenting thoughts of a bitter antisocial man living in St.Petersburg, Russia. The Underground Man writes down his contradictory thoughts to describe his depart from society. Although he has been corrupted by the power of spite he is an intelligent man. His intelligence leads him on the trail to conclude that man’s primary desire is to exercise free will whether or not it is in his best interest. His corruptness builds his insecurities causing him to lash out at people intentionally attempting to emotionally harm them. The Underground Man wishes to have a role of authority over other individuals however his role in society detains him from even feeling social equal to others. The Underground Man does not …show more content…

For example, although the Underground Man makes a salary it is minimal compared to the salary of the people he associated himself with. A greater income is defined by more respect and power. Since the Underground Man has a low income he is not granted any respect or power among his peers. Rather he is shunned in order to give himself importance he forces himself into social events. ‘“Let him come, if he wants to so much, “But we have our own circle, we’re friends,”. . . Maybe we don’t want you at all”’ (Dostoevsky 65). The Underground Man invites himself to an expensive dinner with his peers, rather than expecting a nice evening he torments himself about it. “I dreamed of getting the best of them, winning them over, carrying them away making them love me - if only for my lofty mind and indubitable wit” (Dostoevsky 70). He wishes to go in and have them beg for his friendship so that he can have a sense of authority by deciding to accept theirs pleads. On the contrary, the first thing they ask him is about his salary, as a way to place him on the social scale and strip him away from any authority. Although The Underground Man is not part of a high social standing he is an intelligent man. As opposed to being respected for his intelligence he has been converted into a laughing stock his poverty. Now that he has been humiliated and any chances of authority have been demolished he cannot feel socially

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