Mother Blamed The Iceman Analysis

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Mother tends to blame the actions of Muggs on other people. Mother always argued in Muggs favor. In paragraph 4 it says, “Mother always mentioned that as an argument in his favor; she said he had a quick temper but that he didn 't hold a grudge. She was forever defending him. I think she liked him because he wasn 't well. "He 's not strong," she would say, pityingly, but that was inaccurate; he may not have been well, but he was terribly strong.” She is saying that everyone makes him mad, but he gets over it quickly.
After Mother called a mental healer for help with Muggs. She had told mother to hold the thought that Muggs did not and would not bite. So when Muggs bit the iceman, Mother blamed the iceman. From paragraph 5,”"If you didn 't

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