Mr Leonard In The Pedestrian

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In “The Pedestrian” is about a man, Mr. Leonard, in the future. He was arrested for walking alone in middle of night and he thinks nothing is wrong with walking alone. Mr. Leonard Mead loves to walk outside in the middle of night and observe each houses. He is curious to find out what is behind the houses. Mr. Leonard rather to walk for least an hour or until twelve’ O clock to go back home. I notice, when I read and He never met a human other person walking and his curiosity is very deep about what is like to being outside in daytime. It appear that Mr. Leonard doesn’t like to be surround by crowed people. So, I’m reading in his future at A.D. 2053. Leonard told him that he was just going out for walk. After him questioning Mr. Leonard more details. Police thought he is crazy and took him to the psychiatric center for research on Regressive Tendencies. They passed one house on one street a moment later and Leonard told his next stop, but he didn’t even bother to drop off. It’s clear to me that people thought he is crazy because he likes go out for walk in middle of night and talk to himself while no else is here at twelves’ clock and police just took him to the psychiatric because he thought Leonard need a help. …show more content…

Johnson for burning american flag, then pulled into custody and arrested for action of illegal to destroy items or things that are considered to be respected. The part has some twisted in article, people in the article believed that was freedom of conscience or expression. It’s okay to disagreed with government’s law, but failed to show a neglect for america, then Johnson would put citizen in jeopardy and therefore it is a considering a threat to Government. So, if they would burn the fire at somewhere that is not exposing to people or being seen on National Television than causing a problem and lead to

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