Mr. Maudie Empathy Quotes

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1930’s Alabama was not an easy time for people of color to live. Constant racism and prejudice had been instilled into the hearts and minds of, what seemed like, everyone. Throughout history examples of this have been seen, like the instance of the Scottsboro, where 9 innocent boys spent a major part of their life rotting in jail for what they did not do. Alongside that, they felt the immense hatred of a society of racist, close minded people pounding down on them. This prejudice did not only serve Blacks, those in the society often held ill feelings towards other members of their own community. Their reasoning for this dislike, was that anyone who did not seem “like them”, be it race, opinions, wealth and status, became seen as “different” rather than human. Along with this, many members of these communities simply had lack of empathy. The rare individuals…show more content…
In To Kill A Mockingbird, by the late Harper Lee, examples of some of these individuals become evident through characters like Ms.Maudie, whose empathy transpires through her behaviors/actions, expression of opinions, and her relationships with…show more content…
Ms. Maudie, whose empathy is evident throughout the novel is summarized through the following. Her physical actions and behaviors in terms of understanding Boo and the African American citizens of Maycomb, her expression of ideas and opinions in terms of her house fire reaction and her views on Boo and religion. Lastly, it is expressed through her relationships with others, in terms of Jem and Scout, and Atticus. Reflecting back to the time era of the 1930’s of the South, and the stubborn mindsets of the time in close knit towns like Maycom, it is understood how rare of a person Ms. Maudie is. In all Ms.Maudie illustrates the rare trait of blind empathy for all in the 1930’s
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