Mr. Younger Thesis

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“Nothing but the most exemplary morals can give dignity to a man of small fortune.” (Adam Smith) In the essay prompt, the anonymous writer suggests that the Youngers, (a poor African American family from the South side of Chicago in the 1950s) should not take the money from the owners association instead of moving into their new home they purchased with insurance money due to the death of the main character, Walters’ Father Mr.Younger. The house that they purchased with the insurance money is located in a white community, where they are obviously unwanted. With no insurance money left and their dream home on the line, the writer believes it is better to refuse the money because it “undermines their own pride and dignity as human beings.” I agree with this statement because, if they do not take the money they will have a better life in their new home, they will break a racial barrier within this …show more content…

Therefore, the offer of accepting the money or getting out. They Youngers are hesitant at first, when Ruth asks where it is and Mama replies “Clybourne Park” both Ruth and Walter reply with unsatisfying remarks with the knowledge that there are no colored families in that area. Mama says, “Them houses they up for colored in them areas way out all seem to cost twice as much as the houses. I did the best i could.” Knowing the opportunity and and challenges they’d await Mama still went through with buying the house. She may see potential in Walter that he doesn't see in himself and wants to save the family from more hardship than they’ve already had to face. When Ruth asks, “Is there, a whole lot of sunlight?” Mama replies “Yes, child, a whole lot of sunlight.” Symbolically the sunlight represents the promising future they have in the new house and hopeful that they may overcome the racial barrier between whites and blacks within the

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