Mrs Hutchinson By Shirley Jackson

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One of the main examples of fading tradition is the Hutchinson family; Mrs. Hutchinson particularly. Mrs. Hutchinson is a clear representation of what was known to be the typical housewife. On perhaps the most significant day celebrate by all of the towns people, Mrs. Hutchinson arrives late. Joe Summers comments on her late arrival which she instantly responds back to by saying, “Wouldn’t have me leave all m’dishes in the sink, now, would you, Joe?” (Jackson 106). Her reason for being late presents such a literal visual of the role women were expected to play in a family. Women were expected to stay home and manage household chores along with the children, while men were raised to be strong hardworking providers. In the Hutchinson family, gender roles are well established; very similar to how families were structured in former generations. …show more content…

Hutchison mentions to Mrs. Delacroix, “Thought my old man was out back stacking wood” (Jackson 106). This is precisely the way society previously was; both men and women knew their role and without any questions blindly followed it since it was what they had known to be right their whole life. Nowadays very rarely are women seen being simple stay-at-home mothers, not working or being submissive to men. Women have become dominant, many establish solid careers and provide financial stability along with their husbands to their children, some even maintain households on their own as a single parent. Throughout time there has been a major shift in the structure of families. In comparison to how far people’s perception of families has evolved, gender roles within a family have essentially become nonexistent and nothing more than an old custom in most

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