Camp 14 Vs Antebellum South

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One similarity and difference between the life of a slave in the Antebellum South and a prisoner at Camp 14 is in the way work conditions and living conditions were for both. The work condition for both were harsh and poor. However, the person they worked for are different. Antebellum South slaves worked for their owner, but Camp 14 prisoners worked for government as punishment. Antebellum South slaves had their owner and family. Most families were separated and their sons and daughters were often sold. An example from Kindred is how Sarah’s children, besides Carrie, were sold so Mrs. Weylin could get new furniture. Most women and young ladies work in the cookhouse to take care of the owner house and do their chores for them. They ate left over from their owner and slept after their owner slept. They also woke up early in the morning before their owner because they have to get …show more content…

Slaves couple can’t stay together, one example from Kindred Alice’s parents were separated. In Camp 14 prisoner, If they tried to escape from Camp 14, they get shoot. One example from Shine story, he broke their machine and they chopped off his finger.Also, married Couples didn’t get a chance to stay together unless they’re working hard. An example Shin’s parents were an range married. One similar and difference between the life of slave in the Antebellum South and a prisoner at camp 14 is in the way of education. Slavery were taught in secretly, white people were afraid that they will write their own pass to become free women and men.One example from Kindred, Dana taught Nigel and Carrie how to read and write,Rufus’s father caught her and whipped her. However, in Camp 14 the prisoner were educated in the open as a means to brainwash politically and rule. Both punishment were different and both cases were used as a way to

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