Ms Trunch Bull In The Film Matilda By Danny Devito

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The film “Matilda” by Danny DeVito was released in 1996 and Ms Trunchbull is depicted as an evil and malicious character. Danny DeVito the director uses many techniques to display this character in the movie such as through her appearance, personality and language, lighting effects and camera angles.

Firstly, Danny DeVito depicts, Ms Trunchbull’s negative appearance and shows how evil and malicious she can be as a character. Her appearance is very unflattering and what she wears makes her look even scarier and terrifying then she really appears. Ms Trunchbull wears dark, harsh clothing which are unflattering and old fashioned, and as a viewer it makes me feel scared and anxious about how she dresses as a character. In my opinion she looks like Hitler without the moustache. She appears to be a …show more content…

As Ms Trunchball always wants to be in control and be the boss of everyone. Ms Trunchbull is big, tall, intimidating and nasty while being very mean to children, this is shown through her body form and body image. When Ms Trunchbull is introduced to the movie for the first time, she appears larger and gives the illusion of being a powerful character. Ms Trunchbull’s sudden intimidating appearance makes the children gasp, gulp and hide away. In many of the scenes there are close ups of her face and teeth to show how big and disgusting she really appears, it is very off putting towards the audience. Ms Trunchbull’s negative appearance has a terrible effect on all the other characters. But you would never pick that she was a headmistress for a nice school for children, even though the way

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