Low-key lighting Essays

  • Beetlejuice Film Analysis

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    stop motion . Lighting is an important cinematic technique directors can use to set the mood for a particular scene. For instance, high-key lighting is used to flood a scene with light, often making the set and characters appear happy and safe. In contrast, low-key lighting casts deep shadows across the set and characters creating a sense of danger. Burton makes good use of lighting techniques in many of his films. For instance, in the film “Beetlejuice,” Burton uses high-key lighting in the interior

  • The Importance Of Suspense In Tim Burton's Films

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    using framing, lighting, and music to keep the audience on the edge of their seats In his film Corpse Bride, Tim Burton uses low angle to express the insignificance of the characters. Victoria was in her room getting ready to meet her husband to be and her parents knocked on the door and barged in. Victoria was explaining to her parents that she is nervous to find out who her husband is but her parents told her that

  • Masculinity And Themes In Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino

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    Clint Eastwood is a talented director who does not consider himself an auteur. He considers his films to be ensemble projects and has “no interest in having a common style” across them. Clint Eastwood is well known for his unique old school Hollywood style which he portrays in all of his movies. It is to his credibility that his narration is also very easy to follow. He says that the script builds up the style because what he writes dictates his dictatorial style. It’s a technique to build the story

  • Far From Heaven Analysis

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    servants. However, this does not appear to phase Cathy, as she returns to her wifely duties to Frank. On the other hand, the low-key lighting and point of view shots of Frank imply his conversion treatment has not ‘cured’ his homosexuality. The audience is briefly introduced to a nameless man, who catches the attention of Frank. This moment, in

  • 12 Angry Men Moral

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    Those who can convey their ideas can change the world, and those who stand alone fighting for their ideas are the strongest among us all. This is one of the many deep massages that were sent by the director Sidney Lumet throughout his masterpiece 12 Angry Men. 12 Angry Men is one of the most memorable movies from the year 1957. It is also considered as one of the top 100 movies of all time on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes (Top 100 Movies of All Time, n.d.). This artistic movie is an

  • Buddhism In L. Frank Baum's The Wizard Of Oz

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    Buddhism consists of a belief in peace, unity, respect, and self-discovery through humility and honesty.  Following these ideals creates a more knowledgeable and aware individual and society.  L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz reflects on these themes of Buddhism through the use of allegorical settings to create a story about a young girl trying to find her way home. After deciding to run away because of the evil neighbour Mrs. Gilch, Dorothy is caught in a tornado, thrown around, and wakes up to

  • Visual Elements In Star Wars

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    Star Wars Elements of visual design are visible aspects of a film that help credibility. Star Wars Episode 3 displays many different elements throughout the whole film. Color and Costume production both play a role in this film that produces credibility for the audience. The first visual elements, color, is a special quality of light reflected from a given surface. An example in Star Wars is the specific colors in the rebel force locations and the Empire. The Death Star is all grey and the colors

  • Citizen Kane Cinema Scene Analysis

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    office space as a new newspaper magnate. In this scene, we see the use of the low-angle shot by Welles. The meaning of the low-angle shot is to give importance to the character dominating the space. Welles uses the low-angle shot by shooting the scene from a low camera level that points upwards towards the important character from below; while giving importance to the main character in the scene. In this case, the low-angle shot is used to make Kane look more powerful over the stuttering Mr. Carter

  • Chinatown Film Analysis

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    Los Angeles is truly a living example of the biblical Garden of Eden. It represents a city of both paradise and temptation. Chinatown seemingly represents this biblical land. Detective JJ Gittes battles a corrupt government and the evil businessman, Noah Cross. In many ways Chinatown acts as a 1970s noir film. However, Chinatown is neo-noir. Director Roman Polanski and screenwriter Robert Towne portray Los Angeles as a gorgeous but rotten city while using historical inaccuracies to create a neo-noir

  • The Shoe Horn Sonata Analysis

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    Explanation of Scenes The Shoe Horn Sonata is an iconic play written by the famous author John Misto. This play is about the loss of harmony between two people and how the harmony is restored. The shoehorn is used as a motif throughout the entire play, as it is an everyday object that takes on symbolism and recurs all through the story. A sonata is a musical piece composed from two instruments or voices, it represents Bridie and Sheila’s bond of friendship, love, support and care. The play consists

  • Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas Analysis

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    music and sound, lighting, and types of shots to set the setting and tone of his films. In the opening scenes of Edward Scissorhands, Burton uses high key and low key lighting to contrasts the two characters. For example, as the Avon lady approaches the castle you see beautiful green plants, bright flowers in the flower garden, the actor’s clothing is a bright purple, and the outside of the castle and the walkway leading to the castle is a bright color. The use of high key lighting in this scene makes

  • A River Runs Through It Analysis

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    toned lighting is used. This produces a slightly hazy, vintage feel. As the boys grow older, and the memories become clearer, the lighting becomes brighter and crisper. High-key lighting and low-key lighting are also alternated depending on the mood. When out on the river, high-key lighting is used the majority of the time. The boys and their father are where they are happiest. Low-key lighting is used in shots such as the dance-hall were Paul plays poker. The joint is shady and the dim lighting helps

  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Movies

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    Burton's most famous movies are Beetle Juice,Edward Scissorhands,and Charlie and the chocolate factory.He is known for making his dark and scary movies.He uses all of the cinematic techniques to create different moods.Tim Burton uses sound,framing and lighting to create movies that are funny and scary all at the same time keeping it kid appropriate. He uses sound to create different feelings in parts of the movies.In one of his movies Edward Scissorhands, he used Diegetic sound when Edward is locked the

  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton Films

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    stories and their grotesque sensibility. These characterizations are clearly shown in some of his more popular works: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Big Fish. In all three films, Tim Burton’s use of Flashback, Music, and Lighting help viewers form connections and establish a

  • The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Character Analysis

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    do somewhat of a high angle to show how small and defenseless they and how large the house was compared to them. I tried to include neutral lighting to show how they were happy to explore a new place but sad they had to leave their home . Another example of this step would be when Lucy climbed through the wardrobe and entered narnia. I did high key lighting at the first part of

  • Dexter Scene Analysis

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    significant lighting changes, camera angles, camera distance and the different lengths of a shot in both scenes. The producers change them in every scene depending on the message they want to relay to the viewers. Looking at the scene in Dexter episode two about half way through. This scene takes place in a courtroom and establishes that in the first scene to the audience. Matt Chambers is on trial for his numerous drunk driving accidents he has caused over the years. The lighting in this scene

  • Blade Runner Lighting Analysis

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    film Blade Runner is known for its incredible use of very low key lighting, the dark appearance of the film not only exemplifies the futuristic L.A city but also ties the film in with a modernized film noir style. The low key lighting in combination with the neon lights and signs creates a correlation between the light and the dark, this represents the conflict throughout the film between humanity and the replicants. Investigating the lighting throughout the scene when Deckard, played by Harrison Ford

  • Edward Scissorhands Cinematic Techniques Analysis

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    some such as framing/angles, music/sound and lighting. In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton uses framing/angles as emphasis in the fulfillment of one certain scene. He uses a long shot to show the vulnerability of the character. For example, when Peg is upstairs in the castle, the long shot makes her look small so the viewer is worried about her safety. Unlike the long shots that imply Edward is a frightening character, this

  • Miranda Hobbes In Sex And The City

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    2. Cynthia Nixon Cynthia Nixon portrayed the role of Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City. Sex and the City was an American romantic comedy television program that was produced by HBO and made by Darren Star. This film was televised from 1998 up to 2004 which had a total of 94 episodes. In the film, Miranda Hobbes was a lawyer who had been tremendously suspicious about men and relationships. She was one of the famous 4 ladies that poised the New York Streets and had been hardly in on-and-off romantic

  • Existentialism In Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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    In Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a couple, Joel Barrish and Clementine Kruzynski, relationship has taken a turn for the worst decides to undergo a memory erasing surgery and later end up dating each other again. Throughout this movie, one of the partners regrets their decision after realizing he still loves his partner and desperately tries to stop the surgery but fails. Due to the Joel and Clementine failure to reverse the procedure, they fall in love again. As due to their