Much Ado About Nothing Tragic Flaws Essay

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A tragic flaw is where a part of a character’s personality can lead to their downfall. The book Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare has many characters with Tragic Flaws. Claudio, one of the main character’s in the story, is the most tragically flawed character because he’s extremely trusting and is willing to believe what anyone says, and his trust ends up creating massive conflicts throughout the story. The first time Claudio’s tragic flaw is shown in the story, is when Don John tells him that Don Pedro is confessing his love for Hero at the Masquerade party. Claudio expresses his grief in Act two, Scene 1 by saying “And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch/ against whose charms faith melteth into blood/. This is an accident of …show more content…

Few characters have gone along with his flaw, and it has also led to their downfall. Claudio’s flaw affects him by first making him feel betrayed, and then will act upon that problem with an outburst of rage. Claudio’s outbursts are normally caused by him to hold his frustration inside, and then letting it all flood out infront of when the time is dramatically appropriate. Two examples would be when he was openly expressing his sorrow to the people around him when he found out about Don Pedro’s love for Hero. The second time is when he found out that Hero was “cheating” on him, and held in his fury until the wedding to only unleash it at Hero. His outbursts also lead to a domino effect. Once Claudio left Hero at the wedding, many characters despised Hero for her actions. Leanato desired to kill Hero, and Don John thought she was horrible for damaging Claudio’s Honor. Furthermore, Claudio could’ve avoided these issues if he hadn’t of trusted Don John, or could’ve at least asked Hero if these things were true before deciding to jump to conclusions. It was important for Shakespeare to include a Tragically Flawed character in Much Ado About Nothing because that character would be the one to create dilemmas throughout the story, and to solve them while acknowledging their flaw as well Claudio’s Tragic Flaws did indeed lead to his downfall, but it also helped him realize his flaw was causing problems in the first place. In the end, he married Hero and Don John was dealt with. I guess you could say his Tragic Flaw was the Tragedy of the

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