Multicultu: Multiculturalism In Canada

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Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other particular characteristics of culture. These three sources relate to globalization. Each show different types of examples of globalization. In source one, it talks about an image of a young Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, lying dead, face down on a Turkish beach. The image of the young boy made an appearance on front pages across the country. Canadians started donating to Lifeline Syria once the image was spread all over the country. They donated to Lifeline Syria to help refugees get settled in Canada. This is an example of a humanitarian crisis. Humanitarian crisis’ may lead to changes and people around the country offering a helping hand. This relates to globalization, because our new technologies allow us to communicate and transfer information across the world. It allows us to see different types of events happening in other countries across the globe. With our advanced technology, we can manage to increase globalizing and expand different strategies to raise awareness. Source two is a group of children and each of them represent a different culture. …show more content…

They adopted multiculturalism as an official policy. Basically, anyone with a different culture, opinion and identity is welcome to Canada. Multiculturalism assures that all citizens can keep their identities, traditions and have a sense of belonging. With this, people are given the right to have cultural expressions. Multiculturalism is a great benefit to Canada’s economy and diversity, because different cultures can bring unique perspectives and intelligence into the country. We would get very many different ideas and opinions from others who belong to another culture. Canada had become a diverse country with the help of globalization. Canada being a multicultural country has led to many positive outcomes for our

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