Music In My Life

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Ever since I was born my family has been musical, whether it be the classics or the newest songs music has been sounding through my house for as long as I can remember. Most of my family is musical, my father is the most musical. My father plays tuba, sousaphone, bass guitar, piano, guitar and sings. I have an uncle that plays drums anywhere he can but is located playing drums for his church. My aunt who can sing and play piano although she has been inactive for a while. I have a brother who used to play the trombone and dabble in percussion. I aspired to be like my brother and father the most. So I did my best to follow in their footsteps. I listened to all the music that they my father and brother listened to because I wanted to be like them and the music was good music. For my birthday I got an old MP3 player and I listened to that thing for hours on end. It didn 't matter what I was doing whether it be reading, chores, working or just lazing around. Music added a whole perspective on life. I would dance around everywhere and sing my heart out. As I got older I was introduced to more and more music. I couldn 't get enough, I listened to everything I had access to. Singing was a huge part of my life even though I did it for fun so when I heard about the 4th and 5th grade choir group I…show more content…
Moving to high school was fun but stressful. The first major change was the maturity level, it was way higher. Then I was introduced to marching band. I would be playing the sousaphone like my father and we would travel a lot to go to competitions. I signed right up and then we went to the training camps. Practice after practice went by and the feeling was not great, but then we went to competitions and it was amazing. Standing in the field and when it was over the crowd going nuts. It was very exhausting though but it let me meet even more people. Band has really broadened my range of friends and interests. Throughout all of this my confidence was soaring higher than
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