Muslim Women In America Summary

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The author in this reading is pointing out many instances of American people being hypocritical when writing or speaking about Muslim people. Some of the main topics presented are of American’s thinking they saved Muslim women, attitudes about war, veiled women and sex scandals. The author talked about the poor living standards in Afghanistan with most of the homes not having access to clean water and how 36% of people are living below the poverty line (pg. 18). The author then goes on to explain that 1 out of 7 Afghan women are widows and are left with no help from the government and are forced to make a living through begging, prostitution, or suicide (pg. 19). Yet many American’s believe that our troops and American presence is saving or liberating these women. When in fact many of those women are left without husbands due to war and American presence and left to fend for themselves with very limited resources. With these poor living conditions in part because of American presence it is no surprise…show more content…
Many parts of America are supportive of LGTBQ+ rights, so it is strange to see publications use a Muslim persons sexuality to stigmatize and make them seem like perverts. American’s used that Frontline film as a reflection of the whole Muslim men society, yet we never blame all of Christian’s when a priest sex scandal happens. It is very odd to see how hypocritical American’s and American news outlets can be when dealing with other countries or religions. I wish I could say I was surprised by the way American’s treat Muslim people in comparison to American citizens. This class has really broaden my knowledge and helped me understand how much America is islamophobic. We have a tendency to harshly judge other groups of people without reflecting on our own actions and how they may be similar or
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