Example Of Narrative Essay On 9/11

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Everyone knows where they were when they first found out. Every TV in America tuned in to see the plane crash into the tower in a fiery explosion. As the Twin Towers fell at 10:00 a.m., fear rose in the hearts of millions of Americans. Emotions running high, they lashed out at the first target that came to mind. Unfortunately, they chose the religion of the terrorists and not the group. Muslims across America found themselves under intense scrutiny and discrimination. Islam became the taboo religion and was often enough evidence to be jailed for treason. Muslim neighborhoods had cameras posted on every street corner and those suspected of being a Muslim found themselves under constant surveillance everywhere they went. Christian neighborhoods …show more content…

“Kat!” Matt appeared from behind the tree and gave her a hug. “Hiya, Lucy. I hope that I can show you that I and many others of my faith aren’t so bad after all.” Lucy grew red as she realized that Kat had told Matt of her apprehension with Islam. “Well, you know, I don’t necessarily think…” “As long as you promise to have an open mind. I’d like to tell you about myself and why you don’t need to fear me.” Lucy nodded her head and Matt began to tell her about Islam in general, and his life growing up. He told her about what it felt like to constantly be scrutinized and the constant fear his family and friends experienced. He talked for an hour as Lucy watched his face showcase a wide assortment of emotions in the moonlight. When he had finally finished, Lucy sat speechless. She had never fully realized how life was for people like Matt. “I can tell you’ve started to come around, at least a little bit and that makes me hap-,” Matt’s thought was interrupted by the light of a flashlight. “Run!” he yelled as he ran in the opposite direction from them, creating a lot of noise in the process. Kat and Lucy sprinted for

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