My Brother At 3 A. M By Natalie Diaz Summary

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“It’s not drugs that make a drug addict, it’s the need to escape reality.” We often tend to do the worst to make ourselves feel better and in the poem “My brother at 3 A.M.”, Natalie Diaz writes about her brother is addicted to drugs and how it made him see things like the devil. This poem is about Natalie’s brother who came to their doorstep around 3 A.M. When the brother arrives, he sits on the steps weeping and when the mother came out to speak to him, he tells her that someone wants to kill him. Later on he tells her that the devil wants to kill her which made her, realize who he is, which is a drug addict and he was only hallucinating about the drugs. At the end the mom finally recognized him for whom he is which is a drug addict. In the poem “My Brother At 3 A.M”, Natalie Diaz highlights the importance of how being addicted to drugs can damage how someone acts through the use of hyperbole, imagery and metaphors. Natalie used hyperbole to illustrate how drugs can make someone hallucinate and …show more content…

Overall, Natalie Diaz highlights in her poem what drugs did to her brother and he was being badly affected by it and how it was making him see something, like the devil. Drugs were destroying him and the fact that he was addicted to it did not help him. Diaz proves that being addicted to drugs affected her brother in so many ways that he started hallucinating and doing things that was way out of his character. Being addicted to drugs can have a huge impact on your life because it does not only harm you but also the people around you. A lot of people out there are doing drugs without thinking of how they can be affected by it . Being addicted to drug is like a disease, and sometimes quitting won’t be as easy. It does not only take good intentions to quit, often it needs more than that. It’s a habit that you don’t want to

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