My Color Guard Rifle (FFA)

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Many people have certain objects that either bring out an emotion within themselves or remind them about something in particular. These certain objects represent different aspects of life. For example, a beloved family heirloom that has been passed down for generations could evoke memories and feelings about family members who have passed on. Personally, I have never had anything special given to me from family members or anything, in particular, which I kept from when I was growing up. My color guard rifle, FFA Official Jacket, and my copy of the last picture I have with my sister all hold importance to me due to each object representing either transition, love, or loss in a period of my life.
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In FFA, members wear official dress for certain activities and Career Development Events (CDE). In official dress, part of it is an FFA Official Jacket. I got my jacket, as a freshman, after my first CDE. That iconic jacket is made of blue corduroy, with a slightly miniature emblem on the left side on the front. On the back of the jacket, Fruitland is stated at the top in corn gold colored string, the emblem is in the middle, while Idaho is stated towards the bottom. On the right side of the front of my jacket, my name is sewn right above my pins. The pin that I am extremely proud of would be the pin I received from competing at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in October of 2014. It is a Silver Emblem Award and says agronomy on the back. My letter award pin is placed on next to my pin from Nationals, with a three year pin underneath it. The FFA letter award is the same as if an athlete was to letter in their sport. Also, my state degree chain hangs on the right side of my body connected to my jacket. On the collar of the jacket is a pin from the State Leadership Conference and a pin from the National Convention. My jacket shows my commitment to the organization, while showing my individual achievements. My jacket represents a milestone of love due to the fact that the organization itself has taught me, and continues to teach me, to love agriculture in a myriad of ways. The variety of activities involved within the organization helps me to find new passions quite

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