My Hero's Journey: A Narrative Fiction

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BOOM! POW! A fist thrown at the man crashing down upon a cart, people screaming! Then the man suddenly disappears and reappears grabbing the taller man by the foot and knocking him down only to disappear again! The taller man rips out an airplane seat and throws it at the man with so much force the plane shook. Then the man sees a crying baby next to the taller man, once again disappearing only to reappear with the 1 year old baby in his arms! The tall man trembling with fear says, “Put my little girl down, this is between you and me.” The man begins to smile, “Not any more!” Then without pause the man opens the escape door and drops the child who is now free falling to her death! The taller man leaps over the cart throws the other man into …show more content…

“Its ok, the plane is perfectly safe. You must be really excited about going to the beach, it is so much fun with the waves and sand not to mention the seagulls.” Kate 's mom said. As soon as they got to the airport, Kate and her mom met up with Mr. Jack and said there good byes. Mr. Jack and Kate went to get on the plane. As Kate and Mr. Jack sat on the plane waiting for it to take off, Kate started to have second thoughts. Finally, the plane started down the run way, Kate was starting to have a panic attack, hands shaking, teeth chattering, heart racing, when suddenly between her hands a force blew out creating a force field around the entire airport! The pilot braked and started to turn as fast as he could, but not in time. The plane smashed into the force field crushing the left wing! As the plane stopped, Mr. Jack grabbed Kate and jumped out of the plane into the crowd of screaming and frantic people. He ran with her into a room and locked the door. “WHAT JUST HAPPEND!” Kate said in a shaking voice. “So my plan did not work the way I had thought, but this works too.” Mr. Jack said in an evil voice. “So Kate you 've been wanting your father, and soon you will get him.” “What is happening and why will I see my father …show more content…

He was indeed a super hero that could fly as quick as you could say “dog park” he was there. Unable to get in, he searched for his daughter. After 15 minutes of searching, he found her crying with her hands on the force field then he saw MR. JACK behind her carrying a bat about to knock her out! Kate 's father yelled “behind you!” she turned around and before Mr. Jack could hit her she hit him with a force field that knocked him out! Kate 's father was shocked almost as much as Kate was. Kate 's father began hitting the force field over and over again because he could fly and had super strength, then Mr. Jack was becoming conscience and disappeared for he had the power to turn invisible. Then Kate 's dad with one giant swing of his

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