My Inspiration As A Writer Analysis

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My Inspiration as a Writer Why do we write? What experiences affect your identity as a writer? How do you develop your own voice? These are the questions that lead me to reflect on relevant moments in my life where I can apprehend my inspiration for writing. When I read a book, I want the moment to feel real. I want the author to get the message across so clearly that I can feel all the same emotions. I want the truth of the story. Although my inspiration for writing comes from various places, it is the people I admire that have significantly impacted my writing. I recall the time I was living in Oklahoma. I had just graduated from high school, and I was sitting down on the brown chenille couch in my living room with a Tim Tebow jersey on,…show more content…
As before, I wandered into the library to read. I sat my phone next to me and played The Doors: Greatest Hits while I flipped through the pages and read with amazement, Morrison’s ability to capture his audience’s attention during live performances. However, there was something unique about one particular story. Most of Morrison’s lyrics were about experiences in his life. These lyrics were meant to stay true to those moments. In a 1967 appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” Morrison was told to change the lyrics in “Light My Fire” from “girl we couldn’t get much higher” to “girl we couldn’t get much better.” Morrison concented, but as he performed, the lyrics remained the same. This created a controversy, which resulted in The Doors banishment from the show. After reading this story, I closed the book and reflected on the message. I thought to myself, “Why would he not change his lyrics?” Then I realized why it was so important. This to me illuminates why writing has the ability to capture some of the best moments of our lives. It would be inauthentic to alter these moments. Not only do we write to capture the moment, but writing captures truth. Hence, writing is authentic. It is a truth not easily found in dialogue. In conversation, you are trying to listen to others ideas and evaluate them. But in writing, not only are you thinking, you are evaluating your thoughts by reflecting, and finding truth. You are being
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