My Journey In The Odyssey

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“Να είναι καλύτερος άνθρωπος από τον πατέρα του”, from the darkest struggles and stressors, the strongest heroes endure and reach their greatest potential. The greek quote mentioned above describes what has pulled me through since my father’s passing in 2011. I started at Perrysburg High School after a long three years following that traumatic event. Despite the immense pain, I would not let my grades fall. My father always cherished and motivated me to achieve good grades that could help me in life. The shyness and held in emotions prevented me from wanting to associate with anyone else. On the bright side, this was just the beginning of the life-changing experiences that were yet to come. In the Odyssey, Odysseus had to encounter a million obstacles and hardships leading to his return home to Ithaca, but in the end he returned home. My journey started freshman year, when I went to Perrysburg High School. The first day I went to that big building I was a bit intimidated. Finding all of my classes and new people everywhere convinced me that I was such a small person. At the midway point of my day, I arrived at lunch. A couple people sitting at a table in the center of the room were talking about video games. I knew that I could fit well in with that group immediately. Little did I know, they accepted me and we became inseparable. This relates to The Odyssey in many ways. The first way is that the first day of school to me was like the struggles Odysseus felt when he first
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