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I. Introduction In his short article Akbar Ahmed, who is the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University, Washington, D.C., argues that "Hollywood has been at war with Islam for the last two decades".1 He also mentions few blockbusters like True Lies, Executive Decision or The Seige actually perpetuated an image that Islam equals terrorism. He also brings a question forward “what can Hollywood do to not only make amends for contributing to this negative image, but to move the world toward dialogue and understanding, and away from the clash of civilization that is in danger of forming”. 2 However, he also suggests few necessary steps. He suggests, films could be made with Muslim heroes or main characters. 3 And his another…show more content…
This film brings Mandira who is an Indian Hindu, Rizwan's brother and his family who are immigrant Muslim from India, mama Jenny and her little son Joel who are African Amerian. As a film My Name Is Khan bring all these characters to the bigger screen, as well as depicted the minority's unity in American sphere and Muslim's situation among other minority groups.

In a way, this film deciphers how Islam as a religion situates during post 9/11 state politics, as well as Islamophobic representation. The trans-national media's depiction of this critical situation. On the other side, My Name Is Khan also portrays the identity fabrication and religious engagement in American sphere. As Isabelle Rigoni says in her article that, "In Western Europe, the identity constructions and religious engagement of Muslim communities are based on a variety of individual and collective strategies, upon which the specifics of national setting have a decisive influence",18 this film totally agrees with this statement. This movie also addresses the strength of community news media, though here community is not on the basis of religion but Indian community news in American sphere helped him to get relies on the prison. And how it helped them to speak out and rediscovering Islam in a bigger public

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