My New Family

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A New Family As I stepped quietly through the doorway of a house I had never been in before, I felt a wave of fear spill over me. I hated being somewhere new for the first time. As I walked through the living room, I couldn 't help but stare at all the pictures of smiling children and happy families. I was sixteen and it was the beginning of June. But this day wasn’t just special because it was the first week of a long summer vacation. Little did I know today was the start of something that would go on to change my life forever. A few days before my mom had sat me down at the kitchen table and in a very somber tone, which was rare for my mother, asked if I could handle adding another responsibility to my long list of commitments. My second cousin, who was in her early 40’s, had recently been diagnosed with renal kidney failure. Renal kidney failure results in a prescribed treatment plan called dialysis. Dialysis requires two to perform and she needed my help. Sherry, my cousin, had surprised me when she began explaining to me how her dialysis worked and how she could do the difficult treatment at home. I stood beside her large, red recliner as she went through the step-by-step procedure. She looked at me with her big eyes and smiled. “Are ya ready to get this party started?” “I reckon so,” I said, trying not to be so nervous. The more she continued to explain, the more information I tried to cram into my brain all at once. “Okay, first things first, open the door on the

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