My Strengths And Career Goals

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Throughout the semester I was given the opportunity to gather information from self-assessment exercises, Strength Finders and the Type Focus assignment to inform myself on different strengths and career goals that I have. Each assignment gave me a clear insight of the person I really am and strengths that I would have not otherwise thought of if I had not completed each of these assignments. I have learned five different strengths through the Clifton Strengths Finder activity and those five strengths consist of belief, includer, learner, responsibility, and strategic. Each strength that was listed describes me not only as a person but also what my values consist of. Out of the five strengths I believe that includer, learner and responsibility …show more content…

I think it is so important to make goals throughout life so that one day you will be able to achieve each goal that has been made. Some short goals that I have set for myself would include graduating from Auburn University with my Bachelor Degree and continuing my education for Graduate School to pursue my Masters Degree at Auburn University. During my Undergrad program at Auburn University, my goal is to decide whether I would prefer working with children or adults and what setting I enjoy most. I would also like to keep my GPA above a 3.6 throughout my Undergrad Program at Auburn. Last but not least my last goal would to continue my education at Auburn University’s graduate school and get my Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology. By achieving each of these goals I will be able to pursue a job in the career field knowing from experience that I am where I am suppose to be. Some long-term goals in my professional life would be to open up my own practice for Speech Pathology. Opening up my own practice would be such an awesome opportunity to be my own boss instead of working under someone. Once I have graduated from Auburn with my Masters Degree, I will also have a minor in Human Development and Family studies and would love to use those skills learned from my minor in my …show more content…

Auburn University’s Speech- Language Pathology Graduate Program typically takes students that have an average GPA of 3.6 or higher and have an average GRE score of 300. The steps that I will need take to improve my education is to focus on doing my very best in school and focusing on making all A’s. Not only do I need to make good grades in school but I also need to focus on studying for the GRE. It is important that the information I am learning in school is not only memorized but also being able to understand what I am being taught. Being able to understand what I am being taught it important because I will need to apply the information learned later on in my career. Another step that I need to take to improve my present work/ life situation is to form relationships with my professors and learning more about the career field that I have chosen to be in. I think it is important to build a relationship with my professors because they will be the ones that will write my recommendation letter to apply for Graduate School. By applying each step that I have listed, I hope that I will be able to achieve each goal that I have set. Since the Graduate Program typically takes students with an average GPA of 3.6 or higher and an average GRE score of 300 it will be hard to

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