My Sister's Keeper Challenges

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Many people are faced with challenging situations each day, but it is up to that person on how he or she will go about facing those challenges. I wish it can be said that each challenge a person face will bring something positive in their life. Challenges may come and go in all shapes, sizes, or colors. A person may feel as if their world is bright as a yellow sun one day and dark gray as a stormy night the next day, and that may be the important turning point when that challenge turn into a crisis. “Crisis occurs when more change or adjustment is required of an individual than he or she is capable of at the time” (Servellen,248). It is also important to understand it doesn’t matter if a person practice good morals values or have no moral …show more content…

This was the case in the movie, My sister’s keeper. The second section of this paper will discuss the life of Kate a young girl with leukemia from the movie My sister’s keeper. At a young as age, Kate doctor discovered that she had leukemia, and her parent tried hard to do all they can do. “Leukemia is cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system” (). Her parent nor her brother was a match to donor bone marrow to Kate, but her younger sister was a match, so their mother forced Anna to be the designated donor. Kate crisis also put an extra strain on her sister which caused her to be sick sometimes from donating. Kate was unwilling to let her illness break her spirit as it was doing to her mother. Her mother allowed Kate’s situation to keep her from recognizing the other people in her family needs. Kate had been through multiple surgeries, and she always tried to put her best foot forward although there were a few times that she felt angry, and she started acting unlike herself by doing things like drinking alcohol. It came a time in Kate’s life when she knew her situation was not getting better, so she wanted to stop all the medical operations. She informed her sister that she needed to petition the court for medical emancipation which in return she will gain control over her body, and the family could move on. This caused their mother to be really upset knowing that the younger sister will allow the older sister to die because she wanted to stop donating. Kate situation also caused a conflict of interest between her mother and father because the father just wanted Kate and Anna to be happy and comfortable, and the mother want her to be at the hospital to get better. He took Kate from hospital to the beach because she stated that she wanted to go to the beach, and her sibling come along with them. The mother was

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