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“That was the worst phone call I got in my entire life. Awful,” Nalon Burch’s mother said. An 18 years old freshmen in West Virginia University who passed away because he drank a lot of alcohol more than what his body can handle. Nalon Burch who was 18 died last November because of the night he pledged for the school’s Kappa Sigma fraternity. People who were there saw Nalon face turned to blue then he transferred to the hospital. Two days later 18 years old guy died because of the over shoot of alcohol. He was more than six times over the state legal driving limit. Also, Nalon’s blood alcohol level was 0.439 and he was unconscious. as the police mentioned. Nalon Burch last tweet was “It was about to be very eventful night to say the least.” I believe…show more content…
Because people at age 21 are more responsible than 18. Moreover, because people at age 18 just enter a new phase of the independence life because this is the time that they live away from their parents and go to collage. Also, at 18 will start to have an irresponsible behavior due to lack of maturity and they will be under the risk of sexual activity. Also, Reducing the MLDA from 21 to 18 will minimize the thrill of breaking the law to drink alcohol. This actually wrong because the MLDA 21 decrease alcohol consumption. For instance, 87% of the analysis establish that raising the age of drinking alcohol associate with lowering alcohol consumption. Teen girls don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Thus, they will not be addicted to alcohol. This is not true because teen girls become addicted at low levels and short time. Moreover, Teen girls will face a lot of problems when they drink alcohol at 18 or younger. For example, girls will have unprotected sex which may lead to pregnancy and diseases. Transmitted diseases like AIDS. Alcohol is not harmful as other drugs. I totally disagree with this because alcohol leads for many deadly diseases. Furthermore, drinking a lot of alcohol guide to alcohol poisoning which lead to

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