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In her essay “”No Logo,” Naomi Klein dives into the world of corporate advertising, specifically branding. She claims that nowadays companies do not sell products, they sell names, emotions, and “the experience.” However, it was not only like this. According to Klein, throughout the 1900s, companies made the transition from product-centeredness to brand-centeredness. In order to prove her claim, she follows the paths that these companies, such as Nike and Starbucks, took during this transition period. Klein is able to prove her claim by using historical evidence and well-known companies to prove her claim that businesses have left behind selling products in exchange for selling brands. Klein most effective method of proving her claim in this essay is her use of historical evidence. She begins by explaining how things were in the original days of advertising. Klein describes this, not as branding, but as a way of making their products known. The next big step in the history of branding came during the industrial revolution. Factories during this time were able to start mass producing products. At this point, products were well-known, which meant it was time for the next step, naming the product. This allowed companies to start interacting with the customer …show more content…

Certain names of businesses have become everyday words. For example, Starbucks is almost synonymous with the word “coffee.” Another example, which was not mentioned in “No Logo,” that embodies this is Google. Nowadays, the word “Google” really does mean the same thing as “to search,” as it has become a verb. The point is, there are many brand names that have become integrated into everyday vocabularies. Klein takes advantage of this phenomenon and incorporates these companies into her essay. By doing this, she makes a stronger connection with her readers and allows her claim to more easily

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