Narrative Essay On Anthony James

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By: Edwin Unsihuay, David Castillo, and Pedro Ortega Upon finishing his shift as a taxi driver for the night, Anthony James went to the convenience store a few blocks from where he parked his cab to get a pair of cigarettes. With the time being 11:20 pm, the area of Plainfield, New jersey was deserted. Everybody in the area appeared to be asleep. The rain that fell from above was a distraction for Anthony as he made his way to the store on foot. Once in the store, Anthony went straight to checkout to tell the cashier that he would like a pack of cigarettes. Anthony was the only person in the convenience store at the time with classical music playing in the background and employees getting ready to close up the place for the day. Out of nowhere…show more content…
Joe and Phil were close friends of Anthony’s who on a Friday night would sometimes all meet up at the bar and have a drink. On the other hand, Marissa used to date Anthony but the two broke up over a year ago. Later that day, was Anthony James’ funeral. Many people from the city went to the funeral including Joe and Phil with everyone dressed in black. However, Marissa was not present in Anthony James’ funeral which was something the detective picked up on while at the funeral. “My son… they took him away from me,” Anthony James’ mother wept after the funeral ended. “He’s in safe hands now I will try my best to find the person responsible for your son’s death ma 'am,” replied Robert Davies. While passing by the cemetery where Anthony James’ body was buried, Marissa, alone, stood over James’ grave. Detective Davies got out of his car and went up to Marissa asking her what she was doing. “Everything all right Marissa?” the detective asked. “Yes, I just came to say a prayer.” “I noticed you weren’t here the day of Anthony’s funeral. Any reason to why that may be?” questioned the
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