Ice Crystals: A Narrative Fiction

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It was the coldest day of her life, both physically and emotionally. It was during the winter and Christmas was nearing once again. It didn 't feel like Christmas however, it had yet to snow a single inch and the temperature had yet to drop below 60 degrees. Mino had come to expect this though as everybody was talking about how this would be the year where they 'd get an "empty Christmas”. Mino viewed the snow like she viewed many things, things that just come with events. She didn 't particularly like the snow or hate it either, she just always pictured it as something that came along with Christmas. At the same time however, she couldn 't help but feel sad that it most likely wasn 't gonna show up this year. But as she was questioning her …show more content…

Yet they seemed different,least to you.They had an ominous glow about them,something none of the other crystals had.When you went to touch one of them though it changed.When you went to try and touch it again, it exploded.You were blinded and when you could finally see again you saw ice begin to form around all around you.It was going to freeze you in time in a short bit if you didn 't do anything.You tried to break your way free but it was no use,soon your entire body would become frozen in ice.It began to form first at you your feet,then to your legs,your back,and finally your face until you were nothing more than a giant ice crystal.You were still conscious by this point and tried your hardest to move your arms to attempt an escape,but it was pointless.The ice was too thick.You slowly began to lose the life in your eyes until they disappeared completely. But then you heard a loud shatter.When you opened your eyes you were no longer inside ice,it had been shattered by your new ice wings and one of your hands were now covered in ice.You had

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