Narrator In The Poisonwood Bible

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Hailey Lesik Miss. Given World Literature 5 February 2018 Journal #3- The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver, the author of The Poisonwood Bible, wrote the book with an interesting way of portraying storytelling. This book has multiple narrators, meaning many different viewpoints. The book takes a look at each Price girl: Leah, Adah, Ruth May, Rachel, and Orleanna. Being that each one has their own personality and individuality, means that some are more reliable than others. For example, Adah is a reliable narrator and Rachel would not be considered dependent. Ruth May, brought an innocence to storytelling because of her age and the simplicity of the things she said before she passed away. Leah, is one half of the set of twins and was almost like the perfect golden child, who was also intelligent. Leah was the one who mostly supported and followed her father, she also brings the tomboy side, with hunting aspects and wanting to hangout and do what the males do. Rachel’s perspective throughout was selfish and privileged. Rachels chapters are filled with complaining and comparisons to her old life in Georgia and when she gets older she is still all about the luxurious lifestyle and puts herself in front of others while throwing out racial slurs. Next, Adah, she was Leah’s twin and the disabled one people overlooked, when in actuality, she was so smart she could read and write backwards. Lastly, Orleanna, she was the maternal perspective, who talked about the struggle of

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