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National defence and security strategy are formulated through some fundamental considerations based on the security objectives and national interests. National defence and security policy refers to the government’s vision and mission that are realized proportionally, balanced and well-coordinated. To achieve this goal, the government has developed a national defence and national security strategy. “It includes strategic objectives, how to achieve the goals and defence resources in order to accomplish strong, effective and high deterrence state defence capabilities” . Based on that phenomenon, Darmono B. further described regarding the Indonesian national security concepts (Darmono, 2010):
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Countries striving to improve the strength (power) to create security. To achieve the national interest (national interest), the state act rationally, taking into consideration the strength, particularly the increase in the defense forces. According to the Act No. 3/2002 on State Defense, the main objective of Indonesia’s defense policy is to “protect and uphold state sovereignty, maintain territorial integrity of the unitary republic of Indonesia, and ensure the safety of Indonesian people from all forms of threats and disturbances.” In order to achieve this, the national defence is formulated into five interrelated strategic targets. “First, creating the national defence which is capable of confronting threats; second, creating the national defence which is competent to manage maritime, land and air territorial security; third, creating the national defence which is capable to take part in supporting the world peace based free and active foreign policy. Fourth, creating strong, independent, and competitive defence industries; fifth, educating the Indonesian citizens and increasing their awareness of national defence”.
Such formulation of the defence and security objectives and strategy clearly reflects Indonesia’s recognition of wide-ranging challenges to national security, both internal and external. However, in reality, Indonesia’s national security concerns remain primarily internal in nature. This, in a way, reflects Indonesia’s …show more content…

Based on the mandate given by 1945 Constitution, thus Indonesia's strategic defense establishment should be able to ensure the accomplishments of national interests. In essence, future strategic defense and security interests include permanent strategic interests, urgent strategic interests, and international cooperation. The permanent defense interests of Indonesia namely defense administration efforts to safeguard and protect Indonesian sovereignty and territorial integrity and the safety and dignity of the nation from all forms of threats, both coming from external or domestic sources. Even though threat estimates have demonstrated that external physical threats to sovereignty are unlikely, as an independent, sovereign and dignified nation, the strategic capability to defend ourselves must be maintained whether the threats are present or

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