National Honor Society Essay Examples

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Most of my surroundings were filled with people who are academically determined and I was immediately drawn to joining the outstanding group of students who represent the National Honor Society when I first heard about it. Knowing that I met the requirements to be put in this prestigious program thrills me. I think that over the course of my life, I have developed the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character that make up the core values of the National Honor Society. I am a standout candidate for the National Honor Society due to the qualities I possess. I was already seen as a leader when I started high school because of cheer. Being a cheerleader required being upbeat, disciplined, and diligent. Cheerleaders are always in school spirit, humble, and determined to be successful. Cheerleaders are regarded as the face of the school. Cheerleaders are expected to act with leadership both on and off …show more content…

Since then, I still hold that title to this day which has made me remain humble and learn to execute my duties and responsibilities that come with this title flawlessly. Being the president is a privilege, so I must continue to be a leader and show integrity through my actions no matter what. This title means so much because I am able to show faculty and students my skills as a true leader of the school and my class. At school in general, I showcase my leadership skills. In class, I would volunteer to be the group leader when our class breaks up in small groups. I showed a new student around the school and to her classes earlier this year. I also lead in the exercises that we do in Gym as a class. I positively speak up for people in class who are scared to voice their opinion. I walked with my head always held high even walking to class. I ask questions in class and is actively engaged in every lesson that my teachers teach, I love to learn new objectives every

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