Native American Colonization Effects

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The Effect of European Exploration and Colonization on Native Americans Everyone knows that the colonization of Europeans on the Native American’s land has been disastrous to its people. The exploration of these new lands did not start with Columbus as most of us have been taught, instead stretching back all the way to the fifteenth century A.D, when millions of Native Americans lived in the America’s rather than the small amount we reduced them to. The Europeans brought other things than death to the Native Americans, however. Their culture, being greatly different than the natives, was introduced and influenced them so greatly; signs of it can still be seen today. My goal in this paper is to discuss both the good and the bad effects that came of the Europeans exploring and colonizing the America’s. The cultural effects that the Europeans had on Native American’s through their exploration as well as colonization were obviously great, however, it is very hard to make a generalization about this because there were many tribes in the America’s, each differently affected. In the 1570’s, …show more content…

Over time the Europeans brought new crops such as bananas and sugar. Domestic livestock such as cattle, pigs and sheep were integrated into the America’s as time went on. These crops and animals were quickly spread among the Native American’s that still had their land. The horse in particular greatly aided them, as the only animal that they had tamed so far was the dog. Raising these animals and growing new crops provided much more food than before. So, as you have read, the exploration and colonization of the America’s had many effects on the Native American’s that had already been living there. Whether it was a change to something of their culture, such as religion or the number of their population, the consequences of the Europeans actions has lingered over time, and much of it is still noticeable

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