How Did The French Influence The Native Americans

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Starting in the late fifteenth century, French and English explorers went on voyages to see America and to discover North America. When they landed, they came across these native Americans. During the French regime (1534-1763), the French explorers found the natives to be very useful. In some cases, they used the natives for the benefits of the mother country or the colony by profiting off of natural resources for example animal furs. There were positive results on the French colonizers, such as their profit gained from native relations and the territorial expansion, and negative consequences to the natives including the population decline caused by European disease and increasing tension between different native groups. This contrast is outlined …show more content…

Slavery allowed the French to have a physical control over the Natives. In a sense, what allows them to control or have certain dominance over these peoples is reducing them into enslavement. According to Brett Rushforth “ paradoxically, the Indian enslavement succeeded in New France because of, rather than despite, the growing importance of French Indian alliance.” These details explain the benefit of the French dominance over the natives in the colony. What it also says is that it reminds us that this was their main source of their economy or their money. The French simply made the Natives work for their own benefits, which is a very positive impact on their society and its treatment of the people living in this colony. It also allows progression of the colony because of the Native Americans doing their bidding. Now the French alliance is an important factor to have these types of relationships, for many cases it was the only way for Natives and the French to trust one another. This was very important since the French dominance and native alliance contributed almost infinitely to the French expansion of the colony of the New …show more content…

Pots). The French were getting all the riches they needed from the Natives since the natives were so graceful and generous, the French had to listen to what they had to say. The French (even though they were conquerors) were lenient listening to ideas of adapting themselves to the cold climate and harsh weather and here is the quote that proves it to be so. “by taking advantage of competitive situations, aboriginal traders played a critical role in forcing Europeans to adapt their technology to the climate and environment of northern Canada.” With that in mind the Europeans created themselves as a new type of individuals in the land of new France as Canadians. For the most part the natives contributed to this engagement. The natives as well profited greatly from this alliance but it can be stated as well to be just exploitation. “The trade goods clearly benefitted native women as much as the men-and the kettle probably had the greatest impact on their lives.” These economic benefits were on rare occasions beneficial for the natives. Moving further there would be consequences to their way of living in getting these new products they had never seen before. Therefore, for this matter it is a win scenario for the natives and the French in this case for the

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