Compare And Contrast Tecumseh And Native Americans

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Life in North America brought many people from different walks of life together through kinship as well as having common enemies. A few of the early Europeans made great relationships with the indians by offering protection for them, while others didn’t. However, most, if not all of the indigenous peoples, whom of which were all very unique in their own way, from tribe to tribe were all coming together to face one common enemy, the Americans. Thus, the French, British, and natives were brought together to fight a common enemy they both loathed, America. Or fight for a group of which you have made kinship with. The French came to America to explore recently claimed land by their government. The land was the area of the St. Lawrence River. The French were exceptionally well at making kinship by not taking advantage the natives and respecting them rather than …show more content…

Tecumseh, leader of the Shawnee, made it clear that all of the natives were not of the same race. Tecumseh reinforced this especially since the whites had made attempts to generalize all of the different tribes as one race. Thus, he catalyzed a unification as he spread his idea to the surrounding tribes that they were being threatened by losing land to the Americans. Tecumseh perceived the war of 1812 as an opportunity to gain back the land that was once theirs by fighting alongside the British; Which all shared a common enemy with, the Americans. In “Tecumseh Sleep No Longer” it was made obvious that he played off the common hostility towards the Americans within all of the tribes he visited, as well as the British, in turn to build a great army. This army was very powerful as it had many types of people fighting for the same reasons, as well as the great British

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