Native American Conflicts

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This comic illustrates conflict because it is showing how some people in our society are stereotyping others. To start off, the man used the name Indian instead of Native American which is the proper term. The Society is unstable and maybe sometime in the future there may not be stereotypes but that is very unlikely. Karl Marx who worked on conflict theory focused on social change. He stressed the thinking of socialactivites. People changing and being influenced by society. People have adapted to being stereotypes even if they do not realize it. They say things without thinking first because of the sources that surrounds us. Like electronics and books that show us their perspectives on Native Americans. It is good to watch what one says because many Native Americans can be offended if called Indians, since they are not from India. To understand the joke you will need to know the stereotypes and the norms of Native Americans. Which is that they all live on reservations near the woods, they can speak a different language, or they can talk to spirits. Most Native Americans have tan skin, dark hair and eyes. Even though they might not have the characteristics of a…show more content…
It is understandable why some racist jokes are funny but some could really offend someone. This comic helps bring up the important things that are happening in our society like how lately, expulsion has been happening with Native Americans. They are being forced out of where they live and forced to migrate somewhere else. Native Americans lives have become unpleasant for their group and most of our society does not even realize it. Most of the Native American stereotypes in the comic like Pocahontas are bigger than the actual people, this shows she is a big part of what people think as Indians. Also the Native American images are more detailed than the people
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