Overcoming Adversity In American Indian Culture

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American Indian culture has been rewritten by the European Colonists that came over to take what wasn’t theirs. These few pictures have depicted to me what their culture is all about. The meaningful relationships, the stories that would be told for lifetimes to come. These people have gone through a lifetime of struggle and hatred from Europeans, and even after all their suffering and torture the Europeans still rewrote the history books. The books very rarely touch upon subjects like native American philosophy or beliefs. People lack a great amount of knowledge about these people, and they are a massive part of this country’s history. Now, we can go through and depict this artifacts by their meanings and signs. This artifact was actually founded by PNSN Research Scientist Ruth Ludwin, she studied the pacific northwest tribe for a very long time. The article specific about all of the earthquakes at the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Native Americans saw earthquakes as a sign of good impacts on people, this was until the westerners came. Then, the tribes saw this as a sign of the wrong doings by the white men. As I closely examined this photo I saw that the whole foursome was wearing a distinct burnt orange for shirts. Now, this kind of intrigues me because that is such an odd …show more content…

These people have overcome adversity and have proven themselves to be rightful owners of land and people of this country. With a philosophy so pure and so respectable, I don’t know how people could be so oblivious to this culture. Natives had to adjust through the worst of times and be strong through everything just to get to a point of ease and recognition. These families have endured everything possible, but yet we see them loving and cherishing everything the great one has given them. It shows that families (tribes) can overcome any adversity that is coming their

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