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Ancient Native Americans civilizations is one of the most interesting civilization in the world. They came from the Asiatic part of Russia. Visiting the museum of natural history made me appreciate their culture and lifestyle. Six Native American tribes settled in North America that lead to the rise and demise of Ancient Native Americans. They were the First Arrivals, Olmec, Teotihuacán, The Mayans, Aztec, and Inca. Each individual civilization had a unique government, housing, foods, leadership, clothing and tools. Furthermore, they settled in the Americas(North, Central, and South) until they were demolished by the Europeans. The First Arrivals: Since food was inadequate the Indians became nomads. In search of food, they discovered the …show more content…

They were located on the Yucatan Peninsula, which is today’s eastern Mexico. In addition, the Mayans lived there from 300 CE to 900 CE. Most Mayan cities had populations of about 10,000 people but their major city Tikal had over 70,000 people. The Mayans was known for building temples, pyramids, studying astronomy, mathematics, and creating a complex writing system. In addition, they were outstanding sculptors in stone, stucco and wood, they were also prodigious painters of murals and pottery. Most Maya buildings had wooden lintels over the doorways. I believe that it was impressive for them to create art with no metal tools or technology. Therefore, they used their skills and …show more content…

Which meant the son would follow his father in leadership. The government was ruled by kings and priests. Their society ranged from warriors, priests, merchants, farmers, and slaves. Mayans built decorative tombs for important rulers. Warfare played an enormous role in their civilization. Human sacrifice would be practical. Because of the constant warfare between Mayan cities, their civilization was shattered by the 1400’s. There was hardly any soldier from the Mayan civilization when the Europeans arrived. The remaining Mayans would feel the wrath of the Spanish conquistadors who was led by Herndon

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