Native American Desert

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Americans were moving west to the Great Plains it was an area of flat grassland and sky as far as the eye could people called it the great American desert because of the lack of precipitation. Americans wanted to settle from central Texas to North Canada wanting to stay and settle The Great plains were already occupied by Native Indian the Sioux occupied the northern plains and they were very territorial the Cheyenne and the Arapaho lived in the central plains finally were the Comanche who were in the southern plains what is now Texas. The tribes used land communally because they believed land could not be own they believed God gave them the land and water and air to share. They did not believe in land ownership that is why the tribes contrasted …show more content…

People hunted more buffalo, including the tribes to send it to the east to get in return money without realizing they are destroying their own culture. The tribes agree to because they received whatever they wanted in return from the settlers for example liquor blankets coffee, sugar. The bones were grinned up and used as component fertilizers. Other things that contributed to the decline of the buffalo was that it became a fad to take part just for the fun of it. If someone lived in the city they would just go on a trip to hunt waiting for scout to show them where the buffalo would be. Natives over hunted buffalo and the whites did it with specialized guns to kill a lot of buffalo. Buffalo were not the smartest creatures they killed hundred’s other buffalo dying did not trigger other …show more content…

The troops ask for them to camp on Wounded land and they will be send back the next morning and the Sioux agreed. The next morning the troops confiscated their weapons and took them away some natives were angry and kept some weapons. A soldier ask a deaf Sioux to put his weapon down but he did not understand they started to pulled and a shot was fired the war broke out and they army killed over one hundred fifty three unarmed Sioux. After the massacre the U.S. tried to help and rescue the survivors but a blizzard passed threw and the bodies froze it was too late. The Dawes Act was created for the government’s goal to divide up the tribal land among individual natives. After the tribes were in reservations the government wanted them to become more selfish so they came up with the idea of giving them one hundred and sixty acres and American citizenship if they agreed to town land but it didn’t work very

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