Native American Internment Camps

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In the 1900s there was a lot of conflict between the Native Americans and America, the Native Americans have been around longer than the other explorers who came after some time and decided to take their land and, there was conflict between the Japanese after the Japanese had bombed an American base in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor). But who was treated the worst? The Native Americans were. This was because they had their children taken from them, were forced onto reservations, and they only had the clothes that were on their back.

The Japanese were put into internment camps for a safety precaution because of what their country did to our Military base. All of their personal belongings were taken after they packed only 1 luggage per family. They were forced into terrible living conditions and they couldn 't even buy their own land in the internment camp. …show more content…

When America came through their land they had basically took it and put the native americans onto reservations away from the americans where they could do whatever they wanted with the

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