Native Americans Chapter 1 Summary

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My opinion about this chapter is that the writer had different view of Native Americans than what most Americans have today. Americans view the natives as a peaceful people when in fact they fought over land, killed their enemies and torched them they were violent in their own way but they were not as violent as the white people so in my opinion the writer was wrong about saying the Native Americans were as violent as the Americans. An other thing that in my opinion the writer was wrong was by saying the Native Americans were as wasteful by killing the buffalo as the americans were when in fact they were not. There were not as many Natives as Americans so the killing number of participants was lower and when the natives killed the buffalo it was eaten by wolves while in the American side they were not eaten by wolves. In my opinion the author had a different view of the Native Americans than what most people have.My reaction to this chapter was that I learned many new things about the Native Americans that …show more content…

I also didn 't know that Native Americans were beaten for speaking their native language but when WW2 came they were welcomed into the military and allowed to speak their native language because it benefited the military. My reaction to the chapter was that learned many things about the Native Americans that I didn 't know about. I noticed that in this chapter of Ambrose that it has many point of views. But all of the stories connect to personal experiences of the writer and to treatment of the Native Americans. He also gives a little bit of history on how the us government treated the Native Americans. I think that this chapter showed me how the author thought about the Native Americans also how he interacted with other Native Americans. It was interesting towards the end of the chapter how the US government is compared to the Canadian government on the treatment of the Native

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