Natural Foods Case Study Answers

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Mrs. Gooch had problem with health because of non-natural food which include harmful chemicals for her. After few serious accidents including one when she almost died Mrs. Gooch decided to run a business, because a lot of people faced the same problems and she thought that her philosophy can help other people.
Natural food market offers only highest-quality products which do not contain harmful chemicals for people and especially for people who faced allergy problems.

In 1977 Mrs. Gooch with her friend opened her first natural foods market. She didn’t had experience in business before and moreover Mrs. Gooch haven’t done location studies or psychographic studies, but store was overnight success.
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1. Strength are noble
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Gooch opened one more store and to finance the store, she offered limited partnership to raise $125,000 and from then five more stores opened in fifteen years, of course all of them are following Gooch’s philosophy and mission for the business.

Mrs. Gooch’s company mission was clear: offering only highest-quality natural foods, related products, service, and information that optimize the health and well-being of the individuals as well as a planet, her suppliers guarantee the quality of their products. The products that she offers could not contain chemicals, white flour, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, caffeine, chocolate, hydrogenated vegetable oil and irradiated food.

As her company growth, Mrs. Gooch had 800 employees and they all were trained by her former teacher to achieve goals and have knowledge about the products she carried. She believed that her product was really knowledge and information. Mrs. Gooch created good marketing strategy, she promoted health awareness by offering seminars, producing a newsletter, and giving her customers free brochures on nutrition and tasty recipes. A mini bookstore in each store contained all the latest books and research on foods and their relationship to
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It was not easy decision for her, because she raised up company and invested a lot of effort, moreover she was helping people to feel healthy. It was like seeing a child you had raised but knowing that the child was no longer yours.

Years later she decides to start a new phase in life and after few failure attempts, Mrs. Gooch with her husband, Harry Lederman formed Sandy Gooch Enterprises.
With talent that she had, they thought wider and began building and refurbishing estate homes incorporating pro-environment features including energy efficiency, water purification, and conversation protective landscaping as well as the use of natural rather than synthetic products.

In 1995 she wrote a book, If You Love Me, Don’t Feed Me Junk! to share her holistic approach to wider
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