Neem Aquaculture Case Study

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Aquaculture provides suitable and cheap substitute for dietary protein but its facilities are increasingly relying on the heavy input of formulated feeds, antibiotics, antifungal, and agrochemicals due to production surge. Neem has been reported to have antibacterial, antifungal antiviral and pesticidal activities with improving general growth and health performance. Therefore, Neem antibacterial effects, growth performance as well as sensory qualities in African catfish were investigated in this study. Ninety (90) post-juvenile African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) weighing 42.40 ±2.50g were used. Experimental groups in triplicate were exposed bi-weekly to 3.5% and7% LC50 of neem leaves aqueous extract infused in commercial floating feed for…show more content…
Nnenna and Okey (2013) in their work on broiler chicks demonstrated the potentials in leaf extracts as source of nutrients needed by animals, as their report presented a comparable weight gain of the birds fed Neem leaf extract with the control indicating that the quantity of toxic factors such as terpenes and limonoids (Ogbuewu et al., 2011; Kabeh and Jalingo, 2007) in the Neem leaf was minimal and did not impair the nutrient availability, digestion, absorption and utilization hence in the comparable weight gain of the…show more content…
They were de-gut, cut into uniform sizes, washed with clean water and steamed separately with a pinch of iodized salt in 30cl of clean water for 10 minutes and allowed to cool to reasonable serving temperature. Similar part of each fish was presented for evaluation to each member of the panel (Five (5) Semi-trained persons from the university community) in coded digital labels to conceal every information about the samples in order to avoid bias in judgement. After each sample, mouth rinsing with clean water and a waiting time of about 5minutes was encouraged for clarity of taste. Palatability and acceptability was subjected to Quality Index Method (QIM) of sensory quality

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